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Peer Advisory Groups

“I’ve been most fortunate and grateful for the 25+ years of participation in a peer group. It has given me the single best ROI on time spent for both my business and personal life all while creating life-long friendships. “

George Schnarr

CEO and Owner PRODESIGN Solutions, Inc.

Peer group

Our Peer Advisory Groups are powered by Growth10 and Blais + Associates.  It is a national platform and community of high performing business professionals who are committed to each other’s growth, well-being and success. You’ll work one-on-one with a talented coach who will push you to get better, faster, while having the opportunity to develop your leadership competencies. Our growth10 mastermind | peer advisory groups are made up of carefully vetted professionals who meet for a few hours each month to address and resolve each other’s critical issues, challenges and opportunities. While in the group, you’ll gain clarity on your biggest issues based on the diversity of perspective of other high performers. You will also be able to learn from nationally recognized experts in key areas of business and life with on-demand workshops. Finally, you will be able to connect with peers throughout the U.S. to network and collaborate together.

The Qualifications

If you’re a growth-minded professional… that’s the first step. You have to want to grow. If you’re determined to scale up faster, increase revenue steadily and collaborate with a select group of peers… that’s step two. You have to want to be collaborative. You must also be willing to share your pressing challenges, important decisions and upcoming opportunities with the team. That’s because we are smarter, better and more successful sharing ideas, problems and solutions with each other.

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The Expectations

Our members must be willing (and open) to bring their pressing challenges, decisions and opportunities to the team. Our members must also be willing to roll up their sleeves and serve other members as they seek input and feedback on their issues. And most importantly, our members must keep everything discussed confidential to maintain the safe, trusting environment that make these teams so impactful for our members.

The Results

Our community members consistently say they grow faster, build their leadership competencies and enjoy the journey more because of the relationships they form with the like-minded professionals on their team, as well as the educational opportunities. There is significant power in spending time with, learning from and sharing ideas with people that get you. These trusted relationships only grow over time, and often become some of the most important in your life. Each month, members need something new from the group – it could be feedback on a critical decisions, best practices on a big challenge or just an opportunity to vent (in a safe place). No matter what is going on in your life or business, your group and mentor have your back.

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The Community

In addition to receiving one-on-one mentorship and participating in a peer advisory / mastermind group, our members are part of the G10 Community. You have an opportunity to network with hundreds of high-performers, engage in expert workshops each week, access on-demand micro-lessons on key topics, receive a member briefing every Thursday morning, listen to weekly podcasts and participate in a peer learning community. You’ll get the answers you need from your peers and our expert content providers.

If that sounds like you, we’d love to discuss how we can help you grow faster and achieve your dreams to Discover What’s Possible.