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You can tell a lot about a firm by the company they keep. And by the things they choose to say. Take a moment and review these testimonials about Blais + Associates.

High-functioning leaders need partners who help them examine, think, execute, motivate, and professionally push that person beyond their boundaries. Jerry does this so masterfully, and I can tell you without hesitation that there are few people I trust I can speak with and walk away feeling like I genuinely received more than I already knew when I walked into the conversation through my own self-review. It matters not how smart or talented we might be as leaders if we aren't able to have someone that will not only challenge us to be better versions of ourselves, but even more ask ourselves whether our core values, how we implement them, if we are willing to trust others (our most significant problem collectively), and do so in a way that gets this message through to our conscious mind actually occurs. This is what Jerry makes us understand and do. You will find no person who will more ardently recommend Jerry Blais and what he will provide to you. Be prepared to receive information and get more sincerity, honesty, skillful communication, and the feeling walking away that you have received more than what you thought you might get. More importantly, when you call and need the courage to start doing, - he will give you unvarnished truth and honesty and be that person that helps you find the light on the other side. That is what every leader needs - someone who will dive in with you and get to the core of why. Jerry is someone I deeply admire and trust to make me a better me for myself, my team, and my company.

James OwenCEO, Principal Visionary & Operations Architect, Plumb Tite Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Drains

I have had the privilege of working with Jerry Blais for over a year. If you are looking for a business coach, let me recommend one of the most educated, motivated, and committed coaches, Jerry. Through Jerry's years of experience and research of empirical resources in sales and marketing, he has developed a curriculum and process for entrepreneurial success. He inspires you by sharing his narrative and then inviting you to meet his network of colleagues to share their authentic stories. Jerry walks alongside you through your entrepreneurial journey. When you feel the task is too challenging, he circles back to my earlier points and stays with you until you see the value of your dream. How can he do this? By listening to you, offering discussion recap notes, and following up with you. Jerry is a proven friend that provides constructive feedback and wants the same in return.

T. Scott Madry, Ph.D.Owner, TSMadry Group

Through the professional mentorship program at Xavier University, I had the pleasure of meeting and working with Jerry over the past 1.5 years. The expertise, knowledge, and experience that Jerry provided to me throughout our coaching sessions not only gave me great insight into successful traits and tips that I could implement into my career path and goals, but also allowed me to truly discover my career aspirations. The main item that we worked on together and what we allowed to guide our approach throughout the mentorship was Jerry's "Love Your Career Toolkit", which was a document that was designed to discover and establish a career. The toolkit covered several topics extensively: - Research, discover personal career goals, as well as how your career fits into your life - Develop, understand approach of various activities, methods of successful career building and planning - Connect dots from career goal into today's setting, with methodology on how necessary steps to connect point A to B. Throughout the mentorship process, Jerry presented a level of professionalism and natural mentorship that provided constructive feedback and guidance when necessary, while also paving the way for myself to extract ideas and responses on my own, too. His mentorship was instrumental in creating a career outline for my post graduation work life. I am excited to continue to update him on where my career is headed, and would highly recommend him to others who are looking to taking control of their career!

Jens PetersenXavier University Student

I have been working with Jerry for over a year now and I can honestly say he has been a key asset and strategic partner for our company. Jerry's years of executive experience coupled with his strong executive coaching skills have provided a tremendous amount of value to the growth of our business. Jerry has a direct, honest and engaging style which has also made him someone I can trust as both an advisor and a CEO confidant. After having grown our business for 2 years, we were in a position where we really needed to set a clear and robust strategy to ensure we could continue to scale. Jerry was able to provide us with exactly the services and tools we needed to address our key pain points so that we could unlock value and move towards further growth. Jerry provided us with a very practical strategic planning framework and coached us through the process which made us more accountable, motivated and ready to execute on our strategic goals. He was also part of the talent process and helped us assess new hires into the business and provided valuable insights into their capabilities and competencies, and how we best develop them over time. Without Jerry, our company would not have had the confidence or the skills to aim high with our ambition and to set clear strategic goals that would deliver against that ambition. He is more than just an advisor, he is a mentor, coach and a strategic partner who feels part of our team. Most importantly, he really cares about his clients success, and he has both the experience and tools to actually make you successful.


Jerry has been masterful while helping my fiance' and I's company (Kept House Estate Sales) grow into a true force for good in the business world. Blais + Associates/Jerry has been fundamentally helpful in aligning the resources our company has built into a roadmap. The tools he has provided and the candid conversations that have happened have been game-changing for us. Because we are following this yellow brick road that Jerry helped us create, we are executing more confidently and effectively. Kept House has benefited greatly from the collaboration with Blais + Associates. Here are the hi-level aspects of what Blais + Associates have brought to the table. 1. Creating a detailed road map out of our business plan (from culture and values, to knowing our market and competitors, to understanding our sales, marketing and operational strategies) 2. Being honest and critical while also being empowering with guidance, and praising when helpful 3. Connections - leveraging the network of Blais + Associates has taken us to the next level. If you are an entrepreneur, founder or executive with the willingness and resolve to get better, Blais + Associates and Jerry in particular will provide the tools, expertise and honest feedback to help you create your roadmap to success!


I highly recommend Jerry as an executive coach. The combination of Jerry’s track record as a successful business executive, his coaching credentials, and his genuine, empathic character is distinctive. I decided to work with Jerry as I considered several business and personal options to be the most impactful, practical, and joyful. Jerry has been an invaluable sounding board and a great listener. He asks provocative questions that drive new insights. He tactfully pressure-tests assumptions. And he has a warm demeanor and a good sense of humor.

Laurie TarpeyExecutive Coach & Consultant (Previous CFO)

Jerry has a special talent for coaching. He possesses a unique ability to probe and guide the discussion and help you unlock insights you previously weren't aware of. I also appreciated Jerry's professional advice and guidance - his wealth of executive experience allows him to speak from a place of credibility and offer suggestions that helped me move in the right direction. I benefited greatly from Jerry's coaching program and would highly recommend it to any other professional looking to gain clarity and accelerate the next chapter of their career.

Brian QuinnSr. Director, Commercial Operations, RESTAURANT TECHNOLOGIES

I've had the pleasure of working with Jerry and observing him coaching and advising professionals through a variety of challenges. He is an expert at working with leaders in Sales and Marketing to drive growth, better engage their teams, and work more effectively with operations. He has a track record of achievements throughout his career and also brings a broad and deep toolkit of proven solutions and methods to help leaders have new insights and improve performance. He is a good listener and sounding board, too -- a consummate professional. I highly recommend his work.

Andrew NeitlichDirector AND FOUNDER, Center for Executive Coaching

As CMO of Cornerstone Building Brands (Newly merged Ply Gem and NCI Building Systems), I worked closely with Jerry Blais for over 5 years.  He is an experienced sales and marketing executive with a successful track record of building teams and driving revenue.  Jerry is passionate, hard working and committed team player and will be a valuable asset to any organization.

Susan SelleCMO Cornerstone Building Brands

While SVP of sales at Ply Gem, I worked very closely with Jerry to activate our brands and grow market share for our products. Jerry's expertise in strategic planning, brand management, NPD, product commercialization, customer program development, and portfolio management all contributed to our success and gains in the exterior products segment.  Jerry is an outstanding leader who combines a strategic mindset with an execution oriented perspective.

Chris BrownChief Sales Officer Lixil

Jerry's leadership as General Manager was instrumental in executing a required restructuring of our business unit. He quickly assessed our business unit's strategic position and implemented a Business Plan that allowed our team to operate with "Defined Goals and Clear Direction." Together, we were able to implement cost savings measures, price discipline and sales strategy.  His leadership resulted in our division quickly becoming a profitable business unit.

Bryan K. JonesRegional Business Development Manager, Cornerstone Building Brands

I worked with Jerry in a variety of roles for over a decade.  He is a thoughtful , strategic leader focused on outcomes for his business and his people.  I highly recommend him, especially for a small to mid size business looking to grow that needs someone who's been through the process and can leverage his learnings and skill set.

Mark MontgomeryVP Marketing, Cornerstone Building Brands

We enjoyed a very close relationship with Jerry during his long tenure with Alcoa, Ply Gem and Cornerstone Building Brands.  He was a strong advocate for our company and a valued business partner across numerous marketing, sales and product initiatives.  We benefited greatly from his insight and experience in the building materials industry, as well as the traditional and digital marketing space.  Many of the initiatives undertaken during Jerry's tenure in senior leadership at Ply Gem are still benefiting our company today.

Patrick McNicklePresident, Marsh Building Products

Over the last 15 years Jerry Blais has been a client, a friend and most recently a trusted advisor to me and my business. Coaching and advising comes naturally to Jerry. He is an active listener who asks thoughtful questions then presents you with insights and actionable next steps.  Jerry’s experience, work ethic and his strong need to serve others can deliver impactful results to those who choose to engage with him through his practice  - Blais + Associates.

George SchnarrPresident and Owner, PRODESIGN Solutions

I had the pleasure of working with Jerry while he was at Ply Gem Industries and later Cornerstone Building Brands.  He led the sales and marketing team for the Siding Group and was the lead spokesperson for the brands.  His strategic thinking, deep industry knowledge, approachable manner and loyalty built relationships, drove business value and inspired action.  As a public relations executive supporting him and his team, we enjoyed his work ethic, responsiveness and wit.  I highly recommend Jerry to any organization.

Audra HessionPrincipal and Managing Director, G&S Business Communications