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Our Approach

Our Process

3 Easy Steps


1. Conduct a discovery consultation
2. Develop a plan of action to achieve desired outcomes
3. Execute the plan

We Agree To...


1. Provide a safe and positive environment
2. Work with you to determine most useful outcomes
3. Provide the option to terminate the agreement at any time

Difference Makers

Here's What Sets Us Apart


Experienced and Connected

We have over 30 years of practical business and people experience and are connected to some of the best solution providers available, so if we can’t help you directly, we probably know someone who can.  Our experience includes a range of  business sizes from $2M to $5B, public and private, multiple industry segments including manufacturing, distribution, retail, restaurant, B2B, B2C and Department of Defense with a deep knowledge of building products.  We have held various leadership positions across key functional disciplines including marketing, sales, product development, research, training, and general management.  And finally, we take our values of Excellence and Learning seriously and have continued our education with Executive Coaching, Assessment, and Career Development certifications to ensure we deliver the most value to our clients.

Comprehensive and Strategic Approach

We take a Comprehensive and Strategic Approach including the individual, function, organization, performance and development.  To be truly great, each must be optimized and aligned.  We help you create that alignment.

Focused on Taking Action and Sticking Around to Make It Happen

We believe the magic happens during implementation, when you take action.  Planning is necessary, but a plan without action is just a paper weight.  We also believe that every solution includes a technical and human element.  As a result, we help you define the What, Who, By When, and Drive Accountability, and we like to stick around to help make it happen.

Committed, Hands-On Extension of Your Team

We are a Committed, Hands-on Extension of Your Team and will be there when you need us. We are focused on a few clients which makes you our priority at all times.  We care deeply about your success and believe if you succeed, we succeed!

Mission | Vision | Values

Leading By Example


Our Mission:

To make a real and sustainable difference for the people we serve.


Our Vision:

To be a trusted advisor that builds lasting relationships.

Our Values:

  • Excellence
  • Learning
  • Authentic
  • Accountable
  • Humble