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Leader's Dashboard

While we have many tools at Blais + Associates that get results, the Leader’s Dashboard is the one we hear about most.  Clients report greater clarity about what is important and why for both their business and their career, improved alignment and accountability through the organization, and the ability to feel grounded and focused despite numerous distractions.  Those are some solid benefits for a two-page summary.
Completing the Leader’s Dashboard requires you to think, reflect, get advice and input from others, and prioritize.  It takes honesty to identify areas where your own career differs from the organization’s point of view, and it takes courage to work through those differences.  The entire process takes work, but the rewards for your business and your career are worth the effort.

  • Gain clarity about your Mission, Vision, Values
  • Pinpoint your Goals
  • Define your Competitive Edge
  • Identify Key Performance Metrics for success
  • Prioritize your Initiatives
  • Build and leverage your Professional and Personal Network
  • Create your Development Plan to achieve your goals

Congratulations on taking the first step to success by downloading the Leader’s Dashboard. This is a living document and framework that will be beneficial for your entire life so keep it close to you, refer to it often, and change it as needed.  With this powerful framework in place, you are on your way to great things!
If you need help to get clarity on how to complete the Leader’s Dashboard or need help implementing any of the recommendations, please don’t hesitate to reach out, I’m here to help!
Thank you for your leadership!