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Executive Coaching

Welcome to Blais + Associates’ Executive Coaching, where we excel in Peak-Performance. As a seasoned executive and coach specializing in working with CEOs, Business Owners, Key Executives and Emerging Leaders, we understand the unique challenges and aspirations that come with leading at the highest levels.

We Understand Your Needs:

At the pinnacle of leadership, the stakes are high, and the pressures can be daunting. We recognize the multifaceted needs and concerns that business leaders like yourself grapple with, including:


Desires: Clarity and confidence, delivering extraordinary results, becoming the best leader you can be, engaging and motivating employees to really care and give discretionary effort, effectively managing change, managing your time so you can reduce stress and have fun, building and leveraging a powerful network, work-life balance, career advancement, financial security, and legacy building.


Fears: Being outperformed, change and uncertainty, loss of control, failure, and impostor syndrome.


With over 30 years of experience, across many industries, leadership positions, and large and small businesses, we have experienced the climb ourselves, and have worked with others that have as well, so we know the challenges you are facing firsthand.

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Tailored Coaching for Lasting Impact:

Our commitment is to guide you through a personalized one-to-one coaching experience that addresses your unique challenges and leverages your strengths. This is not a one-size-fits-all approach; rather, it’s a tailored process designed to align with your specific needs and aspirations.

Your Trusted Advisor:

Think of us as more than a coach — consider us your sounding board and trusted advisor. We know how difficult it can be to find someone you can trust and confide in to share ideas and concerns and just how lonely it can be.  We are here for you at any time, ready to listen, provide guidance, and support you in achieving your goals. YOUR success is our sole agenda.

Customizable Process with Powerful Tools:

The coaching process is dynamic and customizable, adapting to your evolving needs. To ensure the most comprehensive and effective coaching, we can leverage a range of tools, including the Profile International PXT Select Assessment, 360-degree verbal assessments and career assessment.  While these tools and our vast experience provides a strong foundation, we also put in the extra effort to understand coaching best practices and frameworks to make sure we can meet your needs.  These tools, coupled with our expertise, empower us to help you build a roadmap to maximize your success.

Results That Speak Volumes:

Our goal is to help you become the best leader possible, unlocking your potential to achieve extraordinary results. Whether you seek enhanced leadership skills, personal growth, or a holistic approach to work-life balance, together, we can help you turn your aspirations into reality.  But don’t just take our word for it, check out our testimonials to see how we’ve impacted our clients.

Our Philosophy:

With our experience and no-nonsense approach, we believe we are uniquely qualified to be your coach and trusted advisor.  Our coaching philosophy is simple and results-focused.

  • High integrity, character, and confidentiality.
  • Data-driven.
  • Nowhere to hide coaching.
  • Approach from a perspective of serving, not pleasing.
  • Honest and direct.
  • Challenge to achieve potential.
  • Adhere to The International Coaching Federation (ICF) Code of Ethics and Core Competencies.

Executive coaching

Ready to be the best Business Owner, CEO, Key Executive or Young Professional you can be? Contact us today to discuss your unique needs and explore how executive coaching can help you maximize your success.