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At Blais + Associates, we empower CEOs, Business Owners, Key Executives and Young Professionals with the clarity, confidence and actions needed to achieve peak performance for a sustained period of time, fostering faster growth in their business and careers to achieve the freedom they deserve.


We understand how difficult it is to grow. Here are the various ways we partner with you to help you grow with confidence.

Analyze Your Business.

Leadership Academy

A high-impact combination of powerful assessments, proven curriculum, and 1:1 coaching that improves awareness, leadership skills / behaviors, and execution, all producing measurable results to Discover What’s Possible.

Our Vision

Business Coaching

Need help creating an actionable strategic plan or building a high performance sales and marketing culture?  We partner with you to find solutions to your most pressing issues to Discover What’s Possible.


Peer Advisory Groups

As a Peer Advisory Group Facilitator we can help you gain clarity, learn from different perspectives and hear best practices helping you grow faster and Discover What’s Possible.


Executive Coaching

Ready to be the best Business Owner, CEO, President, or Key Executive you can be?  Through our executive coaching we help maximize individual and team performance empowering you to Discover What’s Possible.

Audit & Consulting

Career Coaching

Need help defining and executing your career roadmap with vision and purpose, regardless of your career stage?  We can help you gain the clarity you need to achieve your dreams and Discover What’s Possible.


Board Member

Having an independent board can be valuable to your organization.  As a board member, Blais + Associates can bring beneficial experience to glean insights, improve results and create value to Discover What’s Possible.

Business leaders turn to Blais + Associates when…..

  • They want to have confidence, feel more in control and less stressed out.
  • They want to have a clear vision and strategies to meet their personal or business goals.
  • They want to communicate effectively, influence and inspire others, make sound decisions, adapt and implement change.
  • They want to build a cohesive, aligned and engaged team to maximize individual and team performance, retain their best talent, and enjoy discretionary effort.
  • They want Sales, Marketing and Operations to work together.
  • They want to advance their career and earning potential.

If you are looking for a go-to strategic partner to help you ask the right questions and provide the support you need to make good decisions, we hope you will continue exploring how Blais + Associates can help you to Discover What’s Possible.

Opportunities Are Endless...
Let Us Help You Discover What's Possible

Proven Success

Our methods aren’t just theories, they’re real life practices that are proven to get results.  We’ve helped others take action to launch their business and careers to the next level and would love to do the same for you.  Here’s just a few examples of our success.

  • Coached and mentored many individuals to maximize performance and develop their careers.
  • Led strategic planning processes to set clear priorities and gain alignment.
  • Led 33% revenue growth in a single year.
  • Drove earnings from negative to over $1M in a single year.
  • Developed and launched over 100 new products.
  • Grew market share 8 percentage points.
  • And many more……..

The benefits of working with Blais + Associates are numerous.  Here’s what could be happening for you and your organization.

  • There’s a sense of confidence and control over your business and career.
  • There’s reduced stress and anxiety.
  • There’s more time available as a result of focus and ruthless prioritization.
  • There’s excitement about the future with a clear vision and steps to achieve.
  • There’s a talented and engaged team that enjoys coming to work.
  • There’s respect and alignment across Sales, Marketing and Operations.
  • The organization is executing, hitting targets and positively dealing with adversity.
  • There’s a career path for advancement and increased earnings potential.

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss how we can work together to help you take your business  and career to the next level and achieve great results.

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